White Luminaire CC Cream For Man
Essential Central Correction (Color change type)




  • Essential Color Correction
    The yellow, black and red colored capsules naturally correct skin tones and smooths the complexion and creates an ultranatural radiance.
  • Low-irritation formula
    'It minimizes skin irritation with no mineral oil, talc, tar pigment, and benzophenone-4, and ethanol, making it safe to use and skin-friendly. Also, it prevents skin aging and damage arising from UV rays (SPF25, PA++)
  • Skin balancing system (moisture + soothing+ protection)
    A functional element 'sargassum muticum’ contains abundant minerals and vitamins has an excellent skin-soothing effect. Also, two types of fermented filtrate and chrysanthemum indicum culture extract protect skin against environmental aggressors as a high-moisturizing skin treatment.
  • Contains brightening secret water, only available at NoTS
    It contains ‘secret water’ with rose, licorice, and green tea. Feeling very light, it adds vitality and moisture to skin lasting all day long.
  • Main Ingredients
    • Chrysanthemum Indicum Callus Culture Extract Nutrition supply

    • Licorice Root Water Improve uneven skin tone

    • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract Moisturizing

    • Centella Asiatica Extract Skin damage prevention

    • Olive Leaf Extract Prevent skin dryness

  • How to use

    STEP 1

    Improve skin texture

    Revital Fluid

    STEP 2



    STEP 3

    Improve uneven skin tone

    Revital Essence

    STEP 4

    Brightening care

    Spot Correcting Cream

    STEP 5

    Correct uneven skin tone

    C.C Cream


    After using WHITE LUMINAIRE skin care products, dispense an appropriate amount on your palm and use fingers to gently spread on your face and neck along the skin texture.