NOTS Story

  • Premium Skin

    Think dignity of skin

    Sometimes, objects or elements are valued and appreciated as they age. However, our skin dries as time goes. It is the beauty of NoTs that helps to keep your skin looking healthy and clean to boost your elegance.

  • Start of NoTS

    We keep our stance

    Park Nam-mi was an ordinary mom with two children. Her son was diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis. This was devastating and it broke her heart to see her son suffering from pain. With her loving mind, she researched and put together a team of dermatologists, chemical engineers, and researchers to make the safest cosmetics for her son. And it was her dedication and love that brought the birth of NoTS cosmetics.

  • Keep the NOTS

    Only a mother will understand a mother's heart

    Nots is a Korean cosmetic company striving to show our customers the immense effort we have continually put in our products. We promise our customers that our products are created with natural ingredients. Our focus and dedication to using and inventing effective products has led us to be recognized in local department stores as well as the international market. We guarantee and promise you that our products will continue to be created through all excellent quality ingredients

CEO Message

Noble Through Skin

Cosmetics stemmed from the word ‘cosmos’ that indicates the process of organization and harmony. In other words, the word ‘cosmetics’ stemmed from ‘style’ and ‘grooming.’ However, we value ‘safe and reliable cosmetics’ more than ‘stylish cosmetics. When a one-year-old baby starts to say something and smiles, the mother feels so happy. At the same time, she is concerned about the baby’s safety and always tries to provide a better quality and safer food and materials. That’s the spirit of NoTS Inc. Our biggest goal is to provide highly-trusted products with the safest and the best materials.

The key basic element of cosmetics is quality ingredients. At NoTS, we constantly strive to acquire the best materials and technology for the benefit of customers, instead of pretty containers and attractive ads. At NoTS, we promise you that we will provide you with safe and high quality products through outstanding technology, like a mother who cares about her baby, as a young corporation.


  • Safety

    We invest in R&D for better products and services rather than marketing.

  • Natural

    We continue to discover safe and effective natural ingredients.

  • Rule

    All products of NoTS are produced in accordance with all regulations by “GMP”.

  • Skin

    All products of NoTS are developed in consideration of customers' sensitive


  • 28

    Turn-Over Cycle

    Skin is a living and dynamic organ having a life-cycle that keeps repeating a cycle from cell generation, growth to death. NoTS focuses on 28 days, turn-over cycle.

  • 41

    Differentiated 41 products

    We personally aim to develop 8 cosmetics lines, and 41 natural functional products . We develop the cosmetics with our customers

  • 07

    7 patent ingredients

    Containing herb medicine mixture extracts, brightening natural ingredients, natural moisturizing factor, oak extract, Juniperus Chinensis Xylem Extract, fructan, etc.

  • 10

    Top 10 healthy foods listed by New York Times

    Main ingredients of the Top 10 healthy foods listed by New York Times provides healthy skin for you. (extracts of Tomato, Camellia Sinensis Leaf, etc.)


  • 2015

    LOTTE Department Stores / AK Plaza : MAY
    Let 美人 – TV Show PPL [Official Skin Care] : JUNE
    TV Commercial - CJ E&M Channels [tvN, Mnet, StoryOn, O’live tv] : JULY
    Begin28 Launched : OCT

  • 2014

    MAR : Hand Cream & Lip Balm & Suncream Launched
    APRIL : Exclusive Brand Model [Seo, In-Young]
    JUNE : Launched at Watsons [Hong Kong & Macao]
    AUG : LOTTE Department Stores
    SEPT : Online Duty Free
    NOV : Make-up by NoTS Launched

  • 2013

    White Luminaire & Aqua Barrier Launched : JAN
    Most Favoured Cosmetics Brand by Korean consumers : FEB
    Best Cosmetics Brand by consumers [Chosun Media] : APRIL
    Robust Launched : MAY
    Naver Search Word Ranking [2nd Place] : JULY
    Online Mall [Shinsegae, CJ, LoTTE, Etc] : OCT

  • 2012

    MAR : 28 Remedy Launched
    JUNE : Sponsoring London Olympic National Team

  • 2011

    NoTS Co., ltd Founded : DEC

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